Manufactured by Main Line Helicopter, LLC

  • Saves Hangaring and service time
  • Helps avoid hangar damage
  • Saves battery and engine starts
  • Can be moved by one person
  • Saves on extra starts for fueling and service
  • Requires little maintenance

What do you get when you buy a Helicopter Handler?

  • Over thirty years of experience in designing, modifying, and manufacturing helicopter handlers.
  • A dolly that comes in three standard sizes, is Fixture/Template built, that can be shipped anywhere in the world and is assembled in about an hour using nine bolts.
  • A dolly with a rugged frame, heavy duty casters with Super Flex Wheels that offer the same cushioning ability when traversing door tracks as pneumatic tires but, none of the headaches such as flat tires, slow leaks, bad valve stems, and air pressure maintenance.
  • A landing deck that is very durable and an attaching system that permits easy replacement of one or all boards in about an hour, should the need ever arise.
  • Replacement parts always available if needed.
  • A one year warranty and a dolly that is the recognized standard of the industry.
  • All metal parts are sandblasted and powder coat painted with a selection of colors.

A Woman Owned Small Business.

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